Author of "From Where I Was Standing" and long-time editor of TTT, Chris Rowland will be leading the TTT sub-Substack, Dynasty (named after my 2008 book on what was then the 50th year of Liverpool FC since the arrival of Bill Shankly).

This Dynasty spoke came about from my desire for somewhere for older fans to reminisce and to focus on the Reds' history, but where younger fans (if any are remotely interested!) could also learn about the halcyon days, as well as the years of decline and despair.

Debate and discussion will be allowed on areas of this Substack, but most of the conversation on the TTT Network will take place on the Main Hub:

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Liverpool FC history, reminiscences, analysis, book excerpts & more; taking Paul Tomkins' book "Dynasty" as a starting point, to assess the club – its players, managers and games – over the decades, and to see how older fans can continue to look forward.


Former Editor of the Tomkins Times. Author of "From Where I Was Standing"
Freelance football writer
Dynasty - The Tomkins Times